ASEZ Mental Health Forum

ASEZ Mental Health Forum 03

Before COVID-19, studies have shown stress anxiety is common among university students. The problem only increased during the pandemic. Students have had to adjust by using video conferencing because of social distancing. But these precautions have exacerbated an already present mental health issue. Since the pandemic, anxiety and depression in young adults have increased from […]

“Mother’s Street” Cleanup Campaign

world mission society church of god connecticut mother's street cleanup 8799

Middletown Church of God volunteers carried out a cleanup in Center Springs Park. Meanwhile, the “Mother’s Street” campaign took place in 175 countries and 6,000 regions simultaneously.

Senior Citizen Yard Cleanup

Senior Citizen Yard Cleanup

Volunteers from the Church of God in Middletown cleaned up the yards of seniors citizens. This volunteer effort is part of the Church of God’s Smile Campaign to bring joy to the community.

Senior Citizen Visit at One MacDonough Place

Senior Citizen Visit at One MacDonough Place

The senior citizens at One MacDonough Place were treated with a special visit from Church volunteers. The volunteers prepared musical performances and comical skits to put smiles on the faces of the residents.

Veterans Memorial Park Cleanup

World Mission Society Church of God in Middletown Veterans Memorial Park Cleanup

Volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God in Middletown carried out the Veterans Memorial Park Cleanup as part of the East Coast Volunteer Service Day 2016.