ASEZ WAO means “Let us become one family and save the world from the beginning to the end.” Church of God young professionals launched this volunteer group to unite all people, starting from their workplaces, to improve the world through education and taking action.

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ASEZ WAO is a Church of God global volunteer group made up of young professionals from more than 7,500 churches in 175 countries. ASEZ WAO aims to become one by having the heart of Mother and taking necessary action to promote more sustainable practices and make a positive impact on the environment. ASEZ WAO launched the Take Action Project (TAP) to tap into people’s awareness for sustainable development of the Earth and humankind. Through TAP, ASEZ WAO volunteers Talk, Act and Partner to create lasting change.

Let's take action for humankind and the Earth in Mother’s love!

Signatures of Support for Achieving the SDGs

In 2015, United Nations Member States adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that all countries agreed to achieve by 2030. Through the Take Action Project, ASEZ WAO plans to raise awareness, act and partner for change that will help accomplish the SDGs.


Support TAP and achieving the SDGs by signing ASEZ WAO’s online petition.

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Reduce Plastic Use Campaign

ASEZ WAO launched this campaign to take action for the Earth. ASEZ WAO educates the community about the dangers plastics pose to human beings and the environment through public panels and forums. Volunteers then put this knowledge into action through cleanups and activities that lead to more sustainable behavior.

Featured Activities

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Why did Ahnsahnghong come from Korea?

Q: Why did Ahnsahnghong come from Korea?
A: The Passover was restored in South Korea by Christ Ahnsahnghong, fulfilling prophecy as the angel from the east who brings salvation.

World Mission Society Church of God in Middletown Veterans Memorial Park Cleanup

Veterans Memorial Park Cleanup

Volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God in Middletown carried out the Veterans Memorial Park Cleanup as part of the East Coast Volunteer Service Day 2016.

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“Mother’s Street” Cleanup Campaign

Middletown Church of God volunteers carried out a cleanup in Center Springs Park. Meanwhile, the “Mother’s Street” campaign took place in 175 countries and 6,000 regions simultaneously.