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K-Food Festival: A Taste of Korean Culture in Middletown, CT

The Church of God in Middletown, Connecticut hosted a K-Food Festival on Sunday, February 4, 2024. The event brought together over one hundred guests who explored, tasted and celebrated Korean culture.

The guests enjoyed various aspects of Korean culture from traditional and modern games to tasty authentic food. Attendees also explored Hangul, the Korean alphabet, by having the chance to learn and write Korean words on hand-made fans. Traditional Korean clothing was displayed, and guests were able to try the clothing on themselves and then pose for the camera at the photo booth. 

K-Food, Games and Activities

During the cultural exhibition guests explored the Korean food section. They tasted unique flavors in Korean dishes, such as Japchae, Hotteok, Tteokguk, Kimbap, Yubuchobap, Bulgogi, Yuja Tea, Sikhye, Maesil Cha, Jeyuk Bokkeum and Kimchijeon. 

The festival also had a variety of games that were fun for all ages. There were games like Jegichagi, where you try to keep a shuttlecock in the air, and Gonggi, a game played with small pebbles. You could also watch Taekwondo demonstrations or try your luck at Tuho, a game where you throw sticks at targets. For some excitement, there was Ddakji, a game with flipping paper tiles, and for a creative activity, you could make Hangeul fans.

Korea’s Rise and the Church of God

Recently, Korean culture has gained popularity worldwide. Korea’s quick economic and social progress has fascinated many. In just 60 years, the country has transformed from being one of the poorest to having a significant global influence. Today, K-drama, K-pop, K-beauty, and cutting-edge Korean technologies are in demand worldwide.

The K-Food Festival allowed many to learn more about the culture of Korea its alignment with the Church of God. The Church of God was founded in 1964 in South Korea as the only church that keeps the New Covenant that Jesus established 2,000 years ago. The Church of God believes in Elohim God —God the Father and God the Mother. Since Christ Ahnsahnghong founded the Church of God, it has expanded to more than 175 countries, opened 7,500 churches and has more than three million members. The expansion of the Church of God and the country of Korea is Bible prophecy.  

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