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ASEZ Blue Carbon Cleanup at Veteran’s Memorial Park and Marina in Norwalk

On June 25, 2023, ASEZ teamed up with Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling and the Norwalk Police Department to clean up Veteran’s Memorial Park and Marina. As a result, they collected 23 bags of trash, which contained various plastics, debris, crates and more.

This cleanup was part of the ASEZ Blue Carbon (ABC) Movement, which focuses on maintaining coastal and marine ecosystems. Throughout the month of June, ASEZ members took part in shoreline cleanups to honor the ABC movement and World Environment Day.

Blue carbon has become a major topic of discussion for world leaders. Blue carbon refers to the life under water that absorbs twice the amount of carbon compared to life on land. By maintaining these ecosystems, underwater life can absorb more carbon and help reduce the increasing rate of global warming.

A Committed Community

Mayor Harry Rilling and the Norwalk Officers were happy to support ASEZ volunteer efforts. Recognizing the fragile state of the earth, the Mayor expressed, “The damage is not irreversible, we can change that. We need to be relying on the earth more than we do. The earth provides everything that we could possibly need.” To prove his commitment to the community, Mayor Rilling also signed an Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Thursday, July 6, 2023.

Brandon Johnson, ASEZ volunteer and student at Housatonic Community College, attended the shoreline cleanup. He expressed, “Overall, it is a great opportunity for the youth to take part in helping our community and our planet. To participate in leaving behind a better community and earth for the next generation is something I am proud to be a part of.”

ASEZ volunteers will join Norwalk leaders, positively impacting the environment and advancing sustainability. To see more ASEZ volunteer activities in Connecticut, please click here.

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