Is Easter the same as Resurrection Day?

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Q: Is Easter the same as Resurrection Day?
A: The word “Easter” is often associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but its origins trace back to the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre, representing spring and fertility.

K-Food Festival: A Taste of Korean Culture in Middletown, CT

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The Church of God in Middletown, Connecticut hosted a K-Food Festival on Sunday, February 4, 2024. The event brought together over one hundred guests who explored, tasted and celebrated Korean culture. The guests enjoyed various aspects of Korean culture from traditional and modern games to tasty authentic food. Attendees also explored Hangul, the Korean alphabet, […]

ASEZ WAO Environmental Forum: Taking Action for Climate Change

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On February 4, 2024, ASEZ WAO volunteers in Middletown, CT, hosted an Environmental Forum to shed light on global environmental issues, specifically focusing on the impact of plastics on our planet. The forum kicked off with an ASEZ WAO intro video, offering a glimpse into its initiatives. A special choir performance followed, featuring the song […]

ASEZ WAO No More GPGP Beach Cleanup at Seaside Park

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On a chilly, midwinter day, a total of 79 volunteers of ASEZ WAO, held a beach cleanup at Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT. The park is located on the Eastern Seaboard of Connecticut. This was part of their ongoing “No More GPGP” mission to combat the formation of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. As a […]

Why does the WMSCOG emphasize the Passover?

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Q: Why does the WMSCOG emphasize the Passover?
A: The Passover, God’s law of life, is the greatest gift to humanity. It allows us to receive forgiveness of sins through the flesh and blood of Christ.

Is the bride the church?

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Q: Is the bride the church?
A: While the term “bride” is sometimes associated with the church in certain Bible verses, many times a word in the Bible can have multiple meanings. Depending on the context, we must discern the correct meaning.

Why did Ahnsahnghong come from Korea?

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Q: Why did Ahnsahnghong come from Korea?
A: The Passover was restored in South Korea by Christ Ahnsahnghong, fulfilling prophecy as the angel from the east who brings salvation.

What is the origin of sin?

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Q: What is the origin of sin?
A: The Bible explains that before coming to Earth, we were angels in heaven, but because of sin, we were cast down. Now, each of us is responsible for our own actions.

ASEZ Blue Carbon Cleanup at Veteran’s Memorial Park and Marina in Norwalk

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On June 25, 2023, ASEZ teamed up with Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling and the Norwalk Police Department to clean up Veteran’s Memorial Park and Marina. As a result, they collected 23 bags of trash, which contained various plastics, debris, crates and more. This cleanup was part of the ASEZ Blue Carbon (ABC) Movement, which focuses […]